As the leading bariatric surgery center in Manhattan and throughout New York, we are always looking for new ways to help you achieve your goal of safe, sustained weight loss.  One of the procedures we have closely examined is Banded plication.

What Is Banded Plication Surgery?

Banded Plication is a procedure that was conceived to work with a standard gastric band procedure.  The initial thought was that this procedure might enhance weight loss for obese patients since band patients tend to have weight loss at a slower rate than with gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

During the Banded Plication, the surgeon first inserts a gastric band.  After the band is inserted, the stomach below the band is folded in on itself sutures are used to keep this fold or plication in place.  The added procedure reduces the overall volume of the stomach below the band, without actually removing part of it.


Despite early promise, the results of the Banded Plication showed that patients weight loss was very similar to the adjustable gastric band without plication.  In addition, several patients developed complications related to the plication.

Without additional benefit to patients, it is hard to justify the additional risk.  At the present time, the Banded Plication is considered an experimental procedure that should only be performed in the context of a formal study.